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About our site

This website is part of:
iLAB Pty Ltd trading as Just a Minute Marketing
ABN: 52 376 091 029
ACN: 006 251 216

Please call: +61 3 9802-5288; Fax: +61 3 9803-8296;
Email: mining@MiningUniforms.com.au
We operate a number of web sites under the marketing name of Just a Minute Marketing.
You can access each site from the menu on our links page.

A total solution
Just a Minute Marketing helps you protect your brand investment and build lasting relationships with you stakeholders by helping you with all your promotional needs:

Your brand on site
MiningUniforms.com.au provides access to high visibility work wear to ensure your team is seen where they are, when they need to be seen. The range available includes:
  • Hi Vis Mining Work Wear
  • Mining Uniforms
  • Safety Work Wear
  • Hi Vis Jackets
  • Safety Vests
  • Boots
Dress to impress
CorporateUniformsAustralia.com.au helps you make the right impression by providing a total uniform solution with:
  • An extensive selection of garments for Corporate, Business and Office staff including:
  • A wide range of Corporate, Business and Work Wear updated throughout the year
  • Garments for any business need, special event or situation
  • Development of an approved branding standard for all styles of uniforms
  • Development of an approved uniform catalogue specific to your requirements
  • Sophisticated and large scale embroidery, screen print and branding options
Nurture relationships
PromotionalProduct.com.au takes out the stress and puts in the delight for all your promotional campaigns to help you nurture your relationship with your key stakeholders by offering:
  • An extensive accredited supplier network
  • An expansive range of promotional gifts and tools
  • A product range that’s updated throughout each year
  • Promotional products for any business need, special event or situation
  • Experienced staff on hand to assist with all the components of your campaign
  • Help to develop and deliver memorable, effective campaigns
Positive and proactive relationship-focussed marketing is the key to your success
Our Mining Uniforms, Corporate Uniforms and Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products are now an integral part of the marketing strategies in some of Australia's largest:
  • industrial companies
  • banks
  • corporations
  • defence locations
  • government offices
  • and small businesses
in every state and corner of Australia and in many international locations.

Just a Minute Marketing’s fully-integrated system also provides the benefits of:
  • A convenient, efficient, fully integrated Online ordering system incorporating:
    • A sophisticated Online ordering process
    • An Online reporting system which enables customers to manage their budget requirements
  • An automated distribution system incorporating:
    • Delivery to multiple site with employee-specific packaging
    • National and international delivery and distribution through TNT and DHL International
  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Large accredited supplier network
Your success campaign
When you need help with your next safety campaign please call us, we’ll be delighted to help.


Hayden May MBA

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