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Why Choose Us

Reliable, efficient and brand-specific

At MiningUniforms.com.au, we know you rely on good customer service.
You don't want to be messed around. That's why we cover all the bases.

Our Service includes:
  • Provision of Hi Viz work wear garments including fire retardant work wear
  • A selection of suitable garments for Corporate and Office staff
We assist you to develop your uniform requirements through:
  • Reliable, efficient supply via our online ordering system
  • An online reporting system that helps you keep your budget on track
  • Our automated distribution system which manages all the logistics
  • The capacity to create a branding standard for all styles of uniforms
  • The development an approved uniform catalogue specific to your needs
To find out how we can assist you:
Call +61 3 9802-5288
or email us at mining@MiningUniforms.com.au

Your brand is our concern

MiningUniforms.com.au brings together all the elements required to create brand-specific work wear to your specific requirements.

We set ourselves apart by:
  • Only selecting products and services of appropriate quality and reliability
  • Undertaking due diligence on all our preferred suppliers
  • Offering an exclusive range with a wide selection of colours and styles
  • Investment in state-of-the-art IT to ensure efficiency and easy online access
  • Availability of a customised co-branded website for your online ordering convenience
  • Automated logistics with delivery to multiple sites and employee-specific packaging
Project your brand and protect your team by having them decked out in the right gear.

With the help of MiningUniforms.com.au your team are seen where and when they need to be.

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