• Corporate Services

    The most popular question we get is can we provide
      logistics and fulfilment support? 

       YES WE CAN!

     After consultation to determine your needs, we create a Private E-Commerce Site exclusively for your company to take away the headache of managing and administering the uniform ordering process for a large staff or multiple departments.  


     Benefits of a Private Site 

    • Only company-approved and branded uniforms can be ordered 
    • Ability to set and manage uniform allowance per employee 
    • Reordering is a simple click of a button 
    • Electronic approval authorities 
    • Online reporting 
    • Ordering and logistics are automated 
    • Accessible only to approved employees 
    • Hands-off administration Logistics 



    • Approved delivery locations only (minimise fraudulent use of your brand) 
    • Savings on freight costs when combining orders 
    • Employee orders are packaged individually 
    • National and international delivery with DHL international Support 



    • Experienced and qualified staff 
    • Large accredited supplier network

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        for a quote and catalogue