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    To whom it may concern,

    QME Mining, Ireland

     Dear Sir/Madam

      Just a Minute have been supplying QME with PPE workwear clothing since 2013 to the present date.

      QME employee a total of 98 people in our workshops and underground mining projects in Tara Mines here in Ireland.

      During this time I can only praise the service and quality of product we use, at very competitive prices.

      The level of service is second to none with Hayden personally involved in every transaction.

      Delivery form Australia with DHL is efficient and on time.

      Just a minute is not just a supplier, we are partners. QME will continue to purchase PPE workwear clothing for the foreseeable future knowing we will continue to receive the best possible service no matter the distance between us.

    Pat Grey
      Purchasing Manager
      QME Ltd, Ireland

    To whom it may concern,


      Hi Hayden, Thanks so much for sending us Christmas gifts.

    We at Encara, appreciate the effort that you put into delivering our uniforms to us quickly, accurately and at a competitive price.  

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

    Kind Regards, 

    Louise Campbell 
    Administration Team
      Kelvin Grove, Qld 

    To whom it may concern,

    GCG, Victoria

      It has been two weeks or so now. Been very hectic as it comes to the end of the year. I would like to show my thanks to you for coordinating the shirts for us and for the lovely gifts.

      Made us very happy.

      Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic holiday!

      Clara Chong
      Creative and Marketing Communications 

    To whom it may concern,

    G-Force Category Solutions, Victoria

     Dear Sir/Madam

      Just a Minute has supplied G-Force Category Solutions with company Uniforms and PPE clothing since 2015 to the present date.

      G-Force Category Solutions employs 200 staff throughout Australia and New Zealand; with 5 divisions under our G-Force Category Solutions Brand of:

    1. 3PL Warehousing 
    2. We Install Insulation 
    3. We Assemble Home Service 
    4. Merchandising in Bunnings Stores 
    5. Project in Bunnings Stores 

    Just a Minute is not just a supplier of our staff’s uniform requirements, Hayden and this team; have listened to what our staff requests are and have guided us through the maze of various different uniforms and PPE available. The quality embroidery and Screen printing makes G-Force stand out from the rest, especially within the Bunnings Environment.

      Just a Minute has also set up a first class, easy to use internet ordering system which has just taken the stress out of ordering uniforms for our various divisions.

      G-Force Category Solutions will continue to purchase PPE clothing for the near future, knowing we will continue to receive the best possible service and quality products

     Kind Regards,
      Kathryn Bellini
      HR & Office Manager G-Force Category Solutions

    To whom it may concern,

    St Basil's Homes
      St Basil's Homes has a mission to provide standard of care and service to our residents and clients in order that they may enjoy the maximum quality of life within a safe secure and caring environment.

      A crucial aspect of our care is maintaining a high level of professionalism amongst our staff. The way in which they present themselves forms a very important part of this. By providing appropriately branded uniforms we encourage a sense of belonging for our team members and enable them to present a professional image.

      By using specific colours to distinguish the various staff roles we can also make it easier for our residents and clients to recognise the appropriate staff member when they require assistance.

      We appreciate the service and guidance received from Just a Minute in establishing an approved branding standard for our uniforms. We also appreciate the additional effort they have gone to in creating an Online ordering tool just for St Basil's.

      The Online ordering process makes reordering easy and we can track where expenditure has occurred. All of this assists us in our role of providing the very best of care.

    Evi Giameos
      General Manager Information Projects,
      St Basil's Homes

    To whom it may concern,

    Meat Livestock Australia Limited (MLA)
      Meat Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) delivers marketing, research and development services for Australia's cattle, sheep and goat producers. We contacted Just a Minute to assist us with the provision of appropriately branded garments for a special international conference being attended by a number of MLA and industry representatives as well as accessing a range of branded garments for resale to our members via the Australian Butchers' Guild website.

      Just a Minute was able to provide a large range of options and styles and advise us on different qualities of textiles in relation to usability and practicality. They also provided further advice and assistance regarding the application of our logo design and helped us determine that a thermal laser print was the most appropriate for our specific purposes.

      Hayden and Helen responded to our requests in a timely and professional manner and followed up on all of our calls as we went through the process. Our representatives required 1940's-style dust coats to wear for the competition stage of the conference as well as quality branded suits for their attendance at a formal functions where they are required to represent Australia. Our order included polo shirts and hats branded with the sponsor logo for our promotional purposes.

      Working with a supplier that has such an extensive range and warehousing in Australia was a bonus in real time. It helped to streamline the process and provided ease and speed in getting to market with these garments. We were able to see branded samples and try sizes straight away without having to wait on shipping times from overseas.

      Having a standardised branding for uniforms and corporate garments for our members means we are able to present our brand in a professional manner and ensure continuity of branding for MLA.

    Yours sincerely
      Stephen Pocock
      Trade Marketing Manager
      Meat Livestock Australia

    To whom it may concern,

      As part of BMW Group Australia's ongoing dealer development we offer a bespoke training portfolio which is delivered from our BMW Training Academy situated in Melbourne, Victoria.

      Our training staff come into direct contact with our dealer staff on a daily basis and needed to be easily identified by our guests. Whilst the decision to adopt a consistent corporate uniform was relatively easy, the challenge was where to source it from.

      Having gone through a rather protracted "internal purchasing process" we settled on the team at Just a Minute Marketing who offered the level of quality and service that we were looking for.

      Hayden and his team were extremely responsive and handled all of our requirements in a very professional manner. Whether it was individual phone calls or on-site meetings to present samples, take individual measurements and offer personal advice on the uniforms available.

      In short Hayden and the team at Just a Minute Marketing have exceeded our expectations with their level of commitment and service. Our team are very happy with the outcome, we would have no hesitation recommending them should you need to find a supplier for your company.

    Kevin Pascoe
      Professional Development Manager, BMW Group Australia

    Hi Hayden,
      Thank you for looking after us. Your level of service was above our expectation. Thank you for keeping us informed during the whole process.

      Working for an organization as ours we operate at a high level and doing business with you was on par with what is expected of us.

      We look forward to wearing our garments with pride and once again we were thrilled with eventually going with you because we know that the process of sizing ordering and getting the correct garments would be done by you.


    BMW Group, Australia
      Richard Morin, Technical Trainer

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